Welcome to the Diamond Valley Multiple Birth Association (DVMBA). Being the parent (or expectant parent) of two or more babies can be an exciting, exhausting, challenging and thrilling journey. Meeting others in the same situation, provides the reassurance that you are not alone in your experience. Apart from the emotional benefits of communicating with other multiple birth families, the club offers practical support as well as opportunities for mothers, fathers, siblings and the extended family to get involved. 

Some of the ways we support our members include:

  • Expectant Parent information sessions
  • Parent Education sessions
  • Support person for new members
  • Meal delivery for new parents
  • Equipment hire
  • Access to AMBA discounts
  • Access to our closed Facebook group
  • Monthly newsletter

The DVMBA hosts many social events throughout the year, which include:

  • Annual Meet and Greet
  • Mum’s Nights Out
  • Dad's Nights Out
  • Mum's and Bubs
  • Little kids events (park or playcentre catch up)
  • Weekly playgroups at Epping and Montmorency
  • Family Movie event